Product Feeds

Each supplier provides their data in a different format, like CSV or XML, and may provide information through FTP files, CD's, HTML based emails or website listings, or even a combination of these formats. A single supplier may provide essential product information in broken segments, such as an email for new product, a CSV for prices and quantities, and an XML file with product descriptions and titles. This can cost a small business thousands of dollars for developing a technical solution or require dedicated man-hours every day while risking issues with data accuracy. Even bigger expenses and challenges are faced by resellers trying to combine a product catalog across multiple supplier programs. 

ZenCart4Me is dedicated to helping the small business entrepreneur succeed. Besides providing our clients with tools needed to review their product details to find the supplier programs that are right for you. 

ZenCart4Me does more then just help you find drop ship supplier programs, we can provide the data across multiple supplier channels in a standardized format and customizable solution.

ZenCart4Me can help!
Let us act like your IT Department and help manage your wholesale drop ship product supply chain.
Our proprietary Product Data Distributing and Custom Data Feed Technology allows us to capture the wholesale product data from your suppliers and configure and distribute that data into the format required by your own website platform or marketplace. Take advantage of our standard file formats or use a customized data feed with any requirements that you need for your CSV or XML data files. 

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